Burgers Attorneys will gladly evaluate your personal circumstances and form a precise legal opinion on what specific immigration category is best suited to your personal needs to allow yourself the best possible opportunity to further legalise your stay or future stay in the RSA.

Kindly take note that you are more than welcome to contact Mr. T.F. Burgers at any given stage, for ethical, competent, and efficient legal advice, expertise, and assistance in this aspect of the law, more specifically immigration-related matters, having consideration for the fact that the closest South African Embassy/Consulate in your country of origin can also render assistance regarding your immigration queries.

Mr. Burgers or any of his legally qualified colleagues will also render professional legal advice and assistance on the following aspects of the law if it should be required by you:
The purchasing of immovable property in the Republic of South Africa. Assistance in the drafting of various legal documents, including inter alia, lease agreements, partnership agreements or any other relevant legal contract which may be required for the establishment of legal and lawful entrepreneurial business opportunities or ventures in the Republic of South Africa.Legal assistance with the registration of various forms of business enterprises including private companies, partnerships, close corporations, as well as assistance and negotiations with the Government – Department of Trade and Industry, the Republic of South Africa regarding business opportunities in the RSA.

Burgers Attorneys will also refer any queries on all aspects of tourism into the Republic of South Africa to the relevant sources to ensure a more enjoyable stay in South Africa, is achieved, should assist in this regard be required.